16 year old girl lashes out World Leaders at UN CLIMATE SUMMIT. HOW DARE YOU? GRETA THUNBERG

Grega Thunberg
Image Courtesy : Times of India

She stopped flying because of the enormous impact aviation has on the climate; she wants a stand in the society. Her determination towards “The Greta Effect” it started inspiring people in Germany, Europe. And to her Planet is the important thing and it should be all of us. The consequence of climate change is already happening now and it will get worse. The awareness is not as much as it should be. Planet has been warming with greenhouse emissions, and that might lead to many things like ice caps will melt, global temperature will rise and there will be more extreme events and so on. We are not aware how much crisis it is because we are not aware of the climate change. We are right now in sixth mass extinction, and not everyone is aware about it. Up to 200 species go extinct every single day, we have 67% limiting chance for the global temperature rise to 1.5 degrees as on January 1,2018. 420 gigatons of carbon dioxide left to emit to stay within the target .Now we’re already down to less than 360. If we have to continue as same emission level, we have less than eight and half years until the budget is gone.

Grega also thinks that people should inform themselves, understand situation, we should use the power of Democracy and people should raise their voices to make sure that people in power actually cannot try to ignore it.

She is 16 year old climate activist from Sweden, who started the biggest climate revolution. She aims to seek strong climate action by the World leaders. Greta heard about global warming at the age of 8,upon failing to do anything she became depressed and was eventually diagnosed with ‘ASPERGER SYNDROME’ she also compelled her parents who is a Opera singer Malena Ernman and actor Svante Thunberg to go Vegan & give up Air travelling. To reduce her own carbon footprint on planet.

The Day when she made the World Leaders Realize? How Dare you?

In New York 23 September 2019 Grega Thunberg in speech with UN Climate Summit has raised a voice over the World Leaders and making a climate movement and inspiration to younger generations.

This is all wrong I shouldn’t be up here, I should be back in school on the other side of the ocean yet you all come to us young people for hope? How Dare you?

You have stolen my dreams in my childhood with your empty words yet I’m one of the lucky ones, people are suffering, dying, our entire Eco systems are collapsing we are in the beginning of mass extinction and all you can talk about is money and fairytales of eternal economic growth. How dare you?

This has led many youngsters and citizens to realize at what extent we are, when a 16 year old girl is aware and started to reduce her own carbon footprint.

Let’s start to change and inform ourselves!!!!!


Impu Jayaprakash

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