Our condolence to MR.VG Siddhartha ,The Coffee King.

MR.VG Siddhartha ,The Coffee King.

Being entrepreneurs must not allow business failure to destroy self-esteem & self confidence in oneself. Being the biggest tycoon so  many youngsters aspire to be one. The demise of Mr.VG Siddhartha is saddening .It also teach us: No amount of money guarantees a peaceful life. A lot can happen over a cup of coffee,except negotiating life . Most of them knew  Mr.VG Siddhartha, as son-in-law of S.M.KRISHNA not more than that. If he had just passed by you also, you could never know who he was that means he was so humble,simple,down to earth. He was not a man with publicity.Being one of the richest man did not know how to balance his emotional status his emotions played a upper hand .We accept he had gone through lot of emotional trauma but that's life, we go through ups and downs. But he failed to understand emotions. He had a sensitive, weak, heart and mind. The heart & mind  which did not have a maturity which was not under his control. He had so much of income, property, talent to do business but with a low self-esteem failed to understand the difference between life and death. We call insane for a person who commits suicide because of debts likewise what do we have to call a person who has more assets and still commits suicide. We personally feel very sorry for the death ,we do show our condolence, pity, sympathy and we really feel the pain. But why did he have a such a low self-esteemed heart ? Why did he fail in his real life? Why did he have a  immature thought? That is  the pain .

Yoga,Meditation,Healthy habits, Being close to any friend,relative or any person to share about business or  personal life maybe he could have had a lot more maturity and also solutions to his problems. So that he could have had a lot more maturity and also share his problems and find a solution. Seeing this case we feel that we have to share our problems and also happiness with someone so that we can have a stable mind and overcome any situations. Condolence from Skriblebot Team

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