Art installation by Michael Pinsky to experience Delhi's and London's Smog.

Updated: Nov 8, 2019

This art installation is visceral artwork that places the audience directly into the global issue of climate change, it's important because these pods allow experiencing how bad or good is the air quality, these pods are replica to know the air quality which has traveled around the world to experience in 5 places Delhi, London, Beijing, Sao Paulo, and Norway. Michael has created this art installation by inviting the public and to check whether there will be a difference after experiencing the quality of the Air to highlight and to get the prominence on how climate change has an impact.

The shape of the domes is designed in a geometric way and they all are interconnected in which visitors walk through to experience the different types of pollution around the World. The smells in each pod were created by a Perfumer who based their concoctions on the smell of each city. For the comparison, they selected Tautra the cleanest city in the World. Delhi was selected because it derives a lot of pollution from the poor economics lot of people cook on wood, kerosene, and coal which creates pollution. In London, diesel emission and San Paulo has a lot of manufacturing industries which affects the pollution levels to go high.

Some of the factors responsible for the atmosphere is Heaters, scent diffusers and smoke machines. Some of the pods don't feel very pleasant, but it does really bad smell, the feel, the heat or how much cold is it in that place and how much we can see in cities that's really filled with smog.

One in 5 children has asthma in London and in New Delhi there is such a high number of disease-related to asthma and they are on a verge of a higher rate of lung disease. 4.2 million in a year, their life is being shortened through air pollution. The main motto of Michael Pinsky is that to make all the people aware of our carbon footprint because we walk in the same place, same city but unaware of the air quality, what does that mean, how much are health is affected our family our community.

Impu Jayaprakash

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