Attitude of Gratitude: Women touches Army man’s feet to show gratitude

Updated: Aug 20, 2019

A women from Sangli, Maharashtra touching an Army man’s feet to show her gratitude went viral this week.

Maharashtra is one of the states affected heavily by weather conditions like monsoon, creating floods. Majorly Western Maharashtra is affected by rains. There are number of people vigorously working to rescue the people in Maharashtra.

And they are treasuring the help provided by all the people across the country. In this time of situation a women dressed in a sari and a purple sweater sitting in a relief boat that was taking people into safe spot by army persons paved a way to show her kindness. Natural disaster is one such threat which comes surprisingly and trembles with all mixed emotions to people.

In this type of scenario we become undoubtedly confused what is going around but this women on the boat touched the feet of the army man who was standing right next to her in a way to show her appreciation for all the help and later when she was getting down touched the feet of another army officer standing on the left side corner and at the end while she is getting up she joined hands and thanked everyone to show the gratitude with watery eyes.

A women from rural India but still million times richer in their gratitude, culture and what not. The vast population of India is having diverse creeds, custom and colors

but together we uphold oneness in ourselves.

This small act of a lady from Sangli should inspire motivate and we should follow the key of attitude of gratitude.


Skriblebot Team

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