Eliminate "MICROPLASTICS" from Oceans and there is a Solution!

Ever wondered where the oceans Microplastic comes from it is from synthetic textiles, car tires, city dust, road markings, marine coatings, personal care products & plastic pellets.

The plastic polymers are directly posing threat to marine organisms and indirectly indulge marine pollutants. Microplastics are readily absorbing hydrophobic pollutants from the aquatic system.

The plastic which is a threat to our environment is perilous. Man created "plastic" but now we are finding a solution to eradicate it, so one of the solutions can be an acid bath, the plastic can be fully placed in an acid bath so that it can be fully broken down into its component parts.

The acid bath is a plastic container that holds several liters of concentrated strong acid for cleaning glassware and ceramic objects and it is located in the fume hood with the waste containers so this type of acid bath can make way for eliminating plastic waste for good.

The plastic can be recycled after that monomers can be made with different shapes, colors, and textures according to the scientists at California's Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory who created it.

Initially, when plastic was created it was created on purpose of not recycling, but we have assembled a new way of plastic that can be recycled in its initial stage with consideration of molecular perspective. The new material which is called poly(diketoenamine) or PDK, unlike the other plastics the monomers can be separated by dunking the material in a highly acidic solution.

How does this acid solution work is that they break the bond between monomers and separates from additives and then they can be "upcycled". So let us reduce the usage of mic

roplastics and save our oceans.

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