‘I made my Disability my Biggest Strength’ Arunima Sinha Amputee Mountaineering Champion

A women with gallantry, courage, determination and grit is 30-year-old national level volleyball player lost her one leg in 2011 after she was pushed out of a moving train while resisting thieves who tried to snatch her gold chain but despite having an artificial leg she became the world’s first female amputee to climb world’s highest peak, Mount Everest with a prosthetic leg, First female to climb Mt. Vinson and by 2019 scaling the peaks of all the 7 continents. Arunima has written a book called ‘Born again on the mountain’ and also awarded Padma Shri in 2015.

On May 21, 2013 around 10.55 A.M she climbed the Everest with her guide, just two hours before her guide told her that she can’t make it. She got irritated and decided to go, even if he doesn’t. And she started walking on the footprints, after walking 10 -15 steps, Sherpa her guide started yelling but she could hear only the scream from Everest, ultimately she wanted that. In the journey many times her artificial leg got disjoined, the pain was unbearable, which was difficult to explain in words. Finally, she was at the top unfurling the National Flag. Some people from the north side were unfurling their flags too and she wished a top place from everyone else’s. She wasn’t even able to stand properly due to pain; the wind was so strong that it could carry anyone away. Arunima was carrying four-five disposal cameras in her jacket. She told Sherpa to click photographs but he told her,” Arunima, at 8848 meters altitude your oxygen level is deteriorating and could finish any moment and you will not be able to go back.” When this entire kiosk was happening she requests? Can you make a video please, but the guide threw the camera, turned back and started walking. But she didn’t leave him; she caught hold of him and insisted to make the video. She felt down since her oxygen is low, she wouldn’t be able to go back home. And, so through this video, she wanted to send across the message. If I can climb Everest in this condition, why can’t you? I made my disability my biggest strength and that’s why, I’m here says Arunima.


Impu Jayaprakash

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