Kamalathal’s – 80 year old granny who showed her kindness by selling idlis just for 1 Rupee.

Kamalathal’s is 80 year old lady who resides in Coimbatore district from last 30 years who has set an example for her humanity and generosity. Kamalathal make close to 1,000 fluffy idlis everyday in her cottage not only that, she does it all by herself from making batter to steaming idlis and grinding chutneys ,making vadas & sambar. So, the entire breakfast is all prepared from her own hands. She is not in making profits but serving mankind with humanity by selling at just one rupee each for one idlis.

The innocent lady gives them for affordable prices, so that the daily wage workers and their families can have their breakfast. After her video went viral, people from neighboring places started coming to have paati’s breakfast because it’s just 1 rupee. People even come from 2 kilometres away to have, some may give money or not, but paati happily receives whatever she gets. She is proud granny who welcomes whatever it is and also receives comments.

When asked by reporter she explains she used to sell it for 50 paise before but now because the ingredients are costly she sells it for 1 rupee and when asked about profits she immediately responded let everyone eat and go, that’s the thing. I won’t expect more profit.

The kindness will continue to make her fluffy idlis with little more comfort. Now, when her video went viral people saw Kamalathal’s toiled effort in that smoky kitchen, grinding batter with all her hard-work, showing humble gestures with society. Many people initiated to buy whatever necessary items to makes paati ‘s kitchen little easier and to give little comfort for her family . So, the ultimate motto of Kamalathal granny to sell idlis for 1 rupee is a success story of kindness who lives happily.


Impu Jayaprakash

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