Lau/Kozlowskii extinction is one of the Earth’s worst nightmares.

Did you know?

There was mass extinction 420 million years ago which expunge over 23 percent of all marine animals from the Earth. There was a sudden disruption in Earth’s carbon cycle which lead to colossal destruction of organic matter to be buried and this led to rapid change for the Silurian Ocean extinction.

One-quarter of life went extinct in the mass extinction in Silurian Ocean Extinction which had a direct impact on depletion of oxygen in global oceans.

Now, researchers from Florida State University have found an answer for the most dramatic extinctions: rapid and extensive depletion of oxygen in oceans. This is not very different from what our modern oceans are going through which was published in the science journal Geology.

“This makes it one of the few extinction events that is comparable to the large-scale declines in biodiversity currently happening today, and a valuable window into future climate scenarios,” said study co-author Seth Young, an assistant professor in the Department of Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Science.

Some of the geochemical methods included in their research were thallium isotope, manganese concentration, and sulfur isotope measurements from important sites in Latvia and Sweden. These methods helped them to reconstruct a timeline of ocean deoxygenation with relation to the Lau/Kozlowskii extinction and subsequent changes to the global carbon cycle.

This detailed research gave a brief sketch how step-wise nature is getting extinct one after the other, it start’s in communities of deep-water organisms and eventual spread to shallow-water organisms.

This extinction is considered to be one of the Earth’s worst Nightmares in the History.


Impu Jayaprakash

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