Melting of Glaciers at Stake ! Let us find out some solutions.

It is very clear that Earth is getting hotter due to anthropogenic global warming. Global Warming results in melting glaciers when there is an increase in the earth's temperature. The melting of glaciers is damaging our environment. There may be a time where the glaciers will ruin the entire earth forever. The industrialization has played a major role in the melting of a glacier in the last 200 years. According to many studies done by glaciologists shrinking and retreating of ice sheets has gradually increased in these years.

One of the solutions for the issue of the melting glaciers is to gradually slow down global warming. Our humankind is more dependant on burning fossils fuels for power which has a direct impact on global warming. To restore global warming in the country we should increase energy efficiency and utilize energy like solar energy, power or biofuel. Initiation from refrigeration manufacturing company has done innovation like Chlorine-free paper and Greenfreeze solution to avoid CFC's - a chemical affecting ozone layer also helps to slow down global warming.

Protecting the world forests and grasslands,establishing global climate funds to assist poor countries where they have inadequate resources and help them in adopting climate-friendly technologies .

These solutions can only be possible with public support, so the government should support, educate and convince people to follow climate-friendly strategies and decrease our individual carbon footprints. Alternative energy sources provide solutions like solar panels, kinetic energy, geothermal energy and also biofuels to reduce global warming. Individual solutions can be possible by driving less. Many urban areas have excellent public transport you can carpool,bicycle,walk, jog to your destination. In-home we can take short showers, turning off the water while brushing teeth, turning off lights when they are not in use, hanging laundry outside to dry and unplugging electronics when they are not in use. These little things make a big impact if they are done on a large scale.

To conclude, problems of melting glaciers will still happen in the future because "continued increase in global temperature will accelerate the rate of glacier melt,  sea ice retreat, and melting of icecaps.

Besides,even if "greenhouse gases are stabilized ,global air temperature and sea-level temperature are expected to continue to rise for hundred of years ." 

So,let us reduce our indiviual carbon footprints from ourside.

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