Mighty Creation of the Nature

If you look at it closely it looks like dove residing in silence.

Nowadays being adventurous, exploring and also visiting countries is what people

find most interesting nowadays. And I am one of them. I just travelled to Srilanka

the pearl of the Indian Ocean. Welcomed by ”Ayobowan”(to greet in Srilanka). It

was just one hour flight, the first place where we headed was Peradeniya Royal

Botanical Gardens which is near the Maheweli River(the longest in Srilanka).

This garden is renowned for its collection of orchids. It is spread across 3000 plus

species of plants including orchids, spices, medicinal plants & also attractive tall

palm trees. I entered to this pavilion creation of these orchids like the bee orchid,

monkey orchid, white egret orchid and moth orchid and many more…the attention

which grabbed my eyes and drawn was towards Dove Orchid or Holy Ghost

Orchid these flowers are found from Central America to Eucador and Venezula .

All the orchids are sensitive and also should be taken care of the humid and

temperature also. Genus is the name taken from the greek word pesterion meaning

“from dove”. This is also the national flower of Panama. So if you look close at the

image of this dove orchid it looks like a dove residing in silence. What an

absolutely marvelous creation by the nature!!!This is my favourite flower which

will never go out of my sight forever.


Impu Jayaprakash

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