India land full of lush greens, jungles, birds and wild animals has turned into populous country. India which has known for its greenery now it’s known for population. The scale at which India’s population increasing is mind blogging. India being the second most populated country in the world after China, there would be no doubt it would overtake China by 2055 which is alarming. If we are considering the present population of India consists 1.21billion and BIMARU states such as Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh contributes more number of population. According to survey this whole World is inhabited by

around 7.6 billion humans among which a major part 17% of the total population of the world is residing in India i.e. more than 125 crore people. Adding to this around 21% Indians are below poverty level as a result of uncontrolled population. A clear display of increasing population whether you are in metro station, airport, railway stations, roads and highways. We are experiencing all the places are overcrowded at any tie any hour. This is the clear indication of population. As the world becomes hot, flat & crowded as Thomas Friedman puts it “The pace of global warming will also quicken, threatening the very survival of the World” .There will be massive deforestation to make room for human. Growing population is a serious concern in India while the government has taken certain steps to control the same but they are not such effective. There are many other measures that need to be taken to crab this issue. Illiteracy, Ignorance, Unhygienic living and many more. It may also cause unemployment and also affects the economic development of any country. Due to consistently increasing level of population, poverty is also growing in many countries. People are bounded to live under limited resources and supplements. Over population always has negative impact on a country’s growth but controlled population growth is also required for a country to achieve success in many ways. Whether resources may be limited for over populated countries but extra manpower is definitely required for generating extra resources and making inventions. This may lead to disastrous effects in future and thus it is required to control it in order to live a safe and healthy life.


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