Did you know that one young tree can absorb CO2 at a rate of 13 pounds (5 kilograms) per tree? That is a small baby tree and after it reaches about 10 years old, it is actually at the productive stage for carbon storage at that time it absorbs 48 pounds of carbon dioxide per year. The plant life is found mostly in oceans which contribute 85 %. The trees are helpful in many ways to the environment removing junk in the air, including sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, and small particles. So we should keep on planting the tree whenever it is possible.

170,100 pencils are made up of wood by cutting an average of one single tree and from a willow tree initially, the tablets like aspirin, painkiller and fever reducer came from the tree bark which was a source of some medical conditions. Trees are the longest-living organisms on earth. The earth has more than 80,000 species of edible plants. We use different types of plants to make food but we don't know how many? The answer is 2000 different types of plants.

We drink black, green and white teas all these come from the same plant called camellia sinesis. But, the only thing that differs is their processing methods. For a coffee plant caffeine works as a pesticide.We use spices for food but a herb is especially from leaf or plant but the spice is from the seed, berry, stem, bark or root. We use onions in our daily food menu it contains a mild antibiotic that fights infections, relieves itching, soothes burns and is useful against bee stings too which we are not much aware of.In the medical field, around 70,000 plant species are utilized and it acts as a great source of treating many diseases.

Daniel Chamovitz once said plants may be deaf, but they can feel, see, smell and remember according to this plant biologist. Some of the scientists even said that chemicals released from Freshly-cut grass can act as a stress relief. Products like room fresheners and for fragrance, many plant-based products are utilized.

As a Chinese proverb states, “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.” So do your bit and make this place more beautiful.

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