THE SAVIOUR COP: Prithviraj Jadeja

Gujarat: Heavy rains flooded this year, many lives have been lost, rescue operations are also happening to save them and also heart wrenching situation looking at the emerging flood allover.

Police constable rescued 2 kids on his shoulders where it is completely filled with water for 1.5 k.m in Morbi, Gujarat. This incident took place in Tantara town of Gujarat’s Morbi district.

According to Prithviraj there where 17 more children were they were trapped and asked help by constable where he was a part of it. However, the water flow was so heavy that it became difficult for National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) to rescue people from boats.

So, the Gujarat police took a stand and started getting the kids out.

In the middle of the act, Constable Prithviraj Jadeja carried two schoolgirls on his shoulders through the heavy flooded water and got them safely.

This was the heroic effort of a cop.



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