Top 5 countries in waste management

Updated: Aug 20, 2019

In this speeding urbanization, it's getting a monumental task to manage waste. you can easily see heaps and heaps of garbage just out side of any developing city.

Its always been a challenge for developing countries to cope up with waste management issue.

As they are still in transition phase to deal with this situation. Countries like India, Bangladesh, Thailand etc, are producing more waste than they can handle or recycle. but there are also countries which turning their waste into gold. in this list Germany comes first as they have best recycling rate in whole world. After that Austria, South Korea, wales and Switzerland come.

1. Germany

Germany produces 30 million tons of garbage annually. The Green Dot system has been one of the most successful recycling initiatives, which has literally controlled packaging.

This clever system has led to less paper, thinner glass and less metal being used, thus creating less garbage to be recycled.

Bins you will encounter are usually at your doorstep, and are color coded; green, blue, yellow, brown and gray. It helps in identifying the garbage to be recycled.

2. Austria

Austria has now the highest level of organic waste diversion and composting in Europe as well as one of the highest levels of waste recycling worldwide. One of the latest trends in the waste-to-energy area is biological treatment, where energy is generated from biomass such as food and slaughterhouse waste

Austria has 42 operating waste incineration facilities and 17 MBT (mechanical and biological treatment ) plants,

3. South korea

In the 1990’s, the city of Seoul adopted and improved the national policy on solid waste management. The focus of waste management policy centered on the following :

1.Waste reduction at source

2. Utilization of waste

in Seol only 30 million Worth of electricity generated to provide for

43,000 residents by burning landfill gas

8,50,000 tons co2 Decreased due to CDM technology and

generating Eco-friendly energy

The Seol government is dedicated to managing waste to achieve a 71% recycling rate and 30% reduction in food waste, and to minimize landfill waste by 2020

4. Wales

Biffa provides expert waste management solutions in Wales. With five depots operating across the region they can provide you with sustainable waste services including dry mixed recycling, food waste transfer, general waste collection and hazardous waste removal.

welsh also run a programme TZW ( Towards Zero Waste) which has recycled approx 60 to 70% waste in last two years. also they have projection of zero waste in 2050.

5. Switzerland

For more than 20 years, the Swiss waste policy refers to the goals and principles for an environmentally sound waste management. Their Disposal systems only generate two types of material classes from waste, namely recyclable materials and materials suitable for final disposal.

Its main guidelines are-

1. Avoid waste at the source;

2. Reduce pollutants in production and in goods;

3. Reduce waste through improved recycling;

4. Reserve the environment through environmentally sound disposal of the remaining wastes inland.

With small-2 step at a time, we can greatly reduce our waste . As going zero waste isn't just great for the environment it also improve the life style, quality of food and water we drink.

so where you stand in managing your waste???

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