We became extinct in India said the last "Cape buffalo" and it's because of Plastic.


In the early 1990’s to 2019 many animals have lost their lives because of plastic and one such incident is suspected when Kangaroo was dead in 1990 in Delhi’s zoo and now a lone Cape Buffalo, a large African bovine at the National Zoological Park in Delhi, died on August 27. Which is also called African Buffalo are known to kill lions and humans was the last animal left in India’s capital Delhi’s Zoo and now we have lost it. After its death they have found the male Cape, was only found in Africa where it is in verge of extinct. The reason what would it be? Obviously, it’s the plastic cover or plastic bag thrown when visited to a zoo, we forget our civic sense when we visit any public places and just dispose in inappropriate place and henceforth, animals and many other species are finding it tough to have a life and no wonder in few days we will suffocate even to breath in our environment and we are the cause for it. According to the post-mortem the plastic packet was found in the stomach of male Cape buffalo which might be the cause for its death. During the 73rd Independence Day, Prime Minister Narendra Modi urged citizens to eliminate single-use plastic and suggested that shopkeepers provide eco-friendly bags to consumers but it only becomes effective when it happens 100 percent.

The animals which are tagged as Black Death (Cape buffalo) are known to kill lions and humans. But these animals are getting extinct because of these organic polymers disposed in Zoo. It is not only Delhi, it is throughout the country wherever the Zoo or Forest is there human invasion is there to litter plastic, polymers and materials which harm the environment. Let us allow animals also to leave their life without harming them, we can’t have a sustainable life. Everything around us should be happy environment with no extinction or threat to its species.

Live and let live.

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