Why should we Recycle Paper?

Updated: Oct 22, 2019

Recycling paper conserves a lot of natural resources, saves energy, reduces greenhouse gas emissions, and keeps landfill space free for other types of trash that can't be recycled.

Paper is the most essential renewable raw material for the paper industry to meet the demand of the citizens likewise recycling of paper as citizens we can contribute to certain extend towards imports reduction. The cost of recycling paper is one of the cheaply reused resources comparing to other disposing materials. Recycling paper doesn’t need much energy, it consumes less energy than making a new paper.

According to some research they found recycling of 1 ton of waste paper can be helpful in saving 70% raw material making new paper along with coal saving 60% energy, 43% of water and 70% making of paper from wood. According to one estimate, for every e spared – along with 380 gallons (1,727 litres) of oil, three cubic yards (2.29 cubic metres) of landfill space, 4,000 kilowatts of energy, and 7,000 gallons (31,822 ton (907kg) of paper that is recycled, 17 tree lives aritres) of water.

Population is one among the biggest threat causing Deforestation, We get paper through cutting trees but tree absorbs carbon dioxide accumulates in the atmosphere which results into pollution. So, more the number of trees in the country, better the environment. Global Warming and also climate change has an impact because of deforestation and harmful for our environment. So let us start recycling the paper and make sure the paper goes to recycling and not trash.


Impu Jayaprakash

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