World Humanitarian Day

We celebrate this day to pay tribute to all the unsung heroes and to support all people affected by crises around the world. August 19th marks the day for Special Representative-General to Iraq, Sergio Vieira de Mello and 21 of his colleagues were killed in the bombing of the UN Headquarters in Baghdad. This August 19th, 2019 is directed towards to celebrate Woman Humanitarian Day for their selfless undying contribution in making the world a better place. Female strength, power and perseverance for global momentum are the major strength of the country. So, it’s time to honor the women who have contributed the society. Protection effort under international law for women is taken in priority of this year list.

Throughout the world they celebrate Humanitarian day in gratitude for organization, companies and people from different walks of life for their contribution in betterment of the society. It is our duty to thank and remember who have contributed. It is very important to understand that it doesn’t matter what field we work, it only matters what we could give best out of us. In the circle of life what we can do to our society all the humanitarian work should be kept in our mind. So, it helps in overall development of a personality.

Overall development of personality leads to physical, emotional, mental, intellectual and spiritual development of any individual. So, enhancing all this we can be more responsible and contribute to the society.

We have seen animals showing care gratitude to other animals. Animals are so sensible helpful to other kind of animals then our duty will be more being humans we have to be more helpful to everyone.

Natural Disasters are happening every now and then. So, we have to have concern about the nature and see how we can contribute it for better society. Planting more trees, cleaning environment or anything we can make to save the environment. In this month, we have seen many people who were in distress because of floods, many citizens joined hands to help them. We have to avoid these kinds of natural disaster as we are indirectly contributing for the global warming. We should save the mother earth.

Corruption free help should be done to the people who are in distress. Selfless works should be done by every human across the globe and everyone should remember “LIVE AND LET LIVE”.

We salute to all the women who are working tirelessly, meticulously and sacrificing their lives to the betterment of the country.


Impu Jayaprakash

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